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POTUS lands at Little Rock Air Force Base

POTUS lands at Little Rock Air Force Base

WASHINGTON (AP) - President Barack Obama has landed at the Little Rock Air Force Base. He will soon tour communities in Arkansas that were hit hard recently by severe tornadoes.

Obama plans to meet with victims, local officials and emergency personnel. Fifteen people were killed April 27 when tornadoes ripped through the Little Rock suburbs.

Wednesday's visit will be Obama's first to the state as president. Arkansas Gov. Mike Beebe, U.S. Senator Mark Pryor, U.S. Congressman Tim Griffin, and Little Rock Mayor Mark Stodola will ride with the president in his helicopter from the Little Rock Air Force Base where the president will arrive in Air Force One, to Vilonia.

Democratic Sen. Mark Pryor invited Obama to tour the damage and was expected to accompany him. Pryor is running for a third term against Republican Rep. Tom Cotton in one of the most closely watched Senate races in the country.

The arrival and departure of Air Force One is closed to the public.

Arkansas lotto eyes advertising with universities

Arkansas lotto eyes advertising with universities

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (AP) - A committee of the Arkansas Lottery Commission is discussing the prospect of advertising with universities in the state.

Lottery Director Bishop Woosley said Wednesday that it would be a natural fit because proceeds from the lottery fund college scholarships.

The agency surveyed other state lotteries and found that it's common for lotteries with ties to education to market through universities.

For instance, Woosley says the lottery could sell instant tickets with an Arkansas Razorbacks theme and have in-game ads that promote how much lottery money goes toward scholarships.

The idea is one of several Woosley is proposing to increase revenue.

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Law change creates possible public auction deals

Law change creates possible public auction deals

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) - There's a boost coming to public auctions pushing to get tax money back from delinquent properties.

The state's biggest public sale arrives Tuesday at Verizon Arena.

A recent change in the law starts bidding at how much is owed in taxes, not assessed value.

Commissioner of State Lands, John Thurston, said that it's changing the crowd at the sale.

"And it's bringing more folks out. People that may not have had as deep a pocket can actually come out and be involved in the bidding," said Thurston.

Bidding can begin possibly thousands of dollars lower, but be aware, even if you pay a small amount at the auction, there are still several possibly steep expenses that come with tax delinquent property.


Arkansas Gov. Beebe announces intent to pardon 5

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (AP) - Gov. Mike Beebe has announced his intent to grant five pardons.

Beebe said in a news release Wednesday that each of the five have completed all jail time, fulfilled all parole- and probation requirements and paid all fines.

The five are Bobby Douthit of Lowell; James Hosford of Memphis, Tenn.; Cloris Jean Espinosa Madrid of Rogers; Jeffrey Petty of Beebe; and Latonya Tripp Washington of Forrest City.

Douthit was convicted of theft; Petty of theft and related charges; Washington of theft and cocaine possession; Madrid of delivery and possession of methamphetamine; and Hosford of possession and delivery of marijuana.

There is a 30-day waiting period for public comment before final action is taken.

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Beebe student wins essay competition and trip to Washington D.C.

BEEBE, Ark. (KTHV) - Just days ago, Jessica Kloss received a phone call from Congressman Tim Griffin. He told her she had won his essay competition and a trip to Washington D.C. to see the President's State of the Union address.

"Well, I've never been to Washington D.C.," Kloss said. "I mean you watch all these people in the news, and you never think you're actually going to get to meet these people, and it's just surreal to even have the opportunity to do."

A school counselor told her about the contest.

"I went home, and I was like 'Mom, I'm going to write an essay for this,'" Kloss said. "It's worth a shot; I don't think I'll win, but I'll try."

But, Jessica's essay on why she'd like to attend the President's speech beat out more than 100 other essays.

"I didn't get to read anyone else's, but I read hers, and I thought it was awesome," said her father, David Kloss.

Arkansas mom takes on big government

Arkansas mom takes on big government

UNDATED (COA) – Cause of Action (CoA), a government accountability organization, filed a lawsuit today against the Department of Labor (DOL) on behalf of Rhea Lana, Inc. and Rhea Lana’s Franchise Systems, Inc. (jointly, “Rhea Lana’s”), a national children’s consignment event company, over the DOL’s attempt to ban volunteers at for-profit enterprises.  Should the DOL’s actions stand it could cripple not only Rhea Lana’s but also the entire consignment industry on which millions of Americans rely.

Arkansans walk in support of open carry

CONWAY, Ark. (KTHV) - On Saturday, the Patriots of Act 746 walked in Conway in support of carrying handguns. The debate on whether or not it's legal still hasn't been settled, but supporters have interpreted the act as a victory.

"In the second amendment, it says that we have a God given right to be able to carry weapons," said state representative David Meeks (R-70).

Supporters of the Act walked with handguns in open holsters.

"It is our contention that it authorizes constitutional carry for the state of Arkansas," said Sherwood resident Don Hendricks.

The act, approved last year, lists instances in which you are allowed to carry a handgun. That includes in your home, if you're a police officer, if you're hunting, or if you're on a journey beyond the county in which you live.

"I believe that people should have the option to conceal carry or to open carry," said Meeks.