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Today's Box Office: The Amazing Spider-Man

The most common questions I hear about The Amazing Spider-Man are "Why are they rebooting it?" and "Where the last three not good enough?"

The easiest (and more sinister) answer to question number one is "Money". The studios know that the big comic book franchises make a lot of coin and they're eager to cash in. Sony has 3 more films left in their deal with Marvel for Spider-Man movies. So they want to strike while the iron is still hot. However, there's a deeper reason for rebooting a movie franchise.

The worlds of comic books are nearly endless. Most of the popular comic series have been recreated, retold, and refreshed over the years to keep them modern and grab a new audience. Such is the case of Spider-Man. That particular comic world is so expansive that the story could go either way and multiple stories could be told. So, after Sam Raimi's Spider-Man trilogy was done and its' story concluded, the only logical step was to start over.

As to whether or not Raimi's trilogy was good enough; it was fine but it was different. They were campy in his style and had the film of a comic book. It existed in its' own world of comic recreation. It's only been 5 years since the trilogy ended and I think between Sony realized that there was no way to move that franchise forward successfully. You could almost sense that Raimi, the cast, and even the fans were ready to something else. So, the decision was made to spin a new web.

Does this reboot work? Absolutely. It does what modern comic movies do and brings the comic into a believable "real" world setting. Criminals are criminals. Good guys are good guys. Bad things happen. The hero doesn't always show up in time and may or may not get the girl.

The star of the film is Andrew Garfield who plays a much more likeable Peter Parker. He's a likeable nerd with a sense of right and wrong who doesn't like standing out in a crowd. He's also an awkward teenager in high school. The kind of kid that wears skinny jeans and hoodies. As Spider-Man, he's a smart-mouthed vigilante on a mission, not a hero trying to save the city (at least not at first). It's a much closer portrayal to the comic. The supporting cast was also top-end. Emma Stone, Martin Sheen, Sally Field, Dennis Leary, and Rhys Ifans were more than on top of their game.

The film's true is that it's emotionality. Director Marc Webb created some moments that I think will really connect with the audience and if you can make an audience connect to a character then you've made a truly special film. Yes, a lot of the film follows Peter Parker transformation from high school nobody to kid with super powers but it does it in a likeable way. Who wouldn't take the chance to humiliate a bully in front of his minions?

I would say that The Amazing Spider-Man is just as good as The Avengers. I give it 10 stars out of 11.

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