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Promoting health at Conway Kids Triathlon | News

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Promoting health at Conway Kids Triathlon

CONWAY, Ark. (August 4, 2012) -- What started as an event designed to use up excess energy that kids seem to have in the summer, has now turned into a full blown, major fitness event in Arkansas.

With a record-breaking number of 366 kids signed up to participate, the 15th annual Conway Kids' Triathlon takes place today, August 4 for kids ages 6 through 15. THV's Lauren Clark is live in Conway with more. Tune into 'Today's THV This Morning Saturday' now!

"At the end of the day, each child who participates should be considered a winner - competing in a multi-sport event is a challenge and just finishing is an accomplishment," said Shannon Milam, Race Director for the Kids' Triathlon.

Triathlons are events involving three sports - swimming, biking and running; and while the health benefits of participating are obvious, the self-confidence that comes from being involved in an endurance event is just as important.   

The Conway Kids' Triathlon is an event for all abilities. Ages 6-10 complete a 50 yard swim, two mile bike and ½ mile run. Ages 11-15 complete a 100 yard swim, four mile bike and mile run.

Many kids participating in the event are experienced at triathlons and are working to improve their finish times and place. For many other kids, this event will be their first triathlon and are working to finish the race and accomplish personal goals. 

"This success will breed success in other areas of their life whether they are athletes already or just want to be healthy and have fun," said Milam.

Kids can participate individually in the event or as a team. 

"Being part of a team helps with motivation during training, offers encouragement and gives kids a group to identify with during the race," said Pete Tanguay, team coordinator.   

Registration is closed but you can head out to cheer on the kids at the UCA Farris Center. The fun kicks off at 8 a.m.


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