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State and city leaders welcome incoming college students in Conway | News

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State and city leaders welcome incoming college students in Conway

CONWAY, Ark. (KTHV)- The city of Conway brought local and state leaders together on Sunday to welcome some of the city's newest additions to their college campuses.

The city held its 20th Annual Fall College Day at True Holiness Saints Center.

Dozens of city leaders came to welcome students from Hendrix, Central Baptist College and the University of Central Arkansas. Judges, police officials and state political leaders all attended the event to recognize the importance of a group that makes up 25 percent of the city.

Governor Asa Hutchinson joined the gathering on Sunday to explain why it's important to support students who are pursuing a higher education. "We have a lot of people going to college, but we don't have enough finishing college."


He believes that investing in students can strengthen a local economy.
"From a governor's stand point, we want them to look to the future here in the state," said Hutchinson. "We want to educate them. We don't want them to leave out of the state, we want them to stay here and make sure they see the opportunities here for their future."

Pastor E.C Maltbia talked to students about the hardships they could encounter while in school. ""We don't want to be another statistic, another person that tried but ended back in our home town."

Maltbia talked about how distractions and discouragements can interfere with a student's end goal. "The collegiate experience is full of things vying for your attention."

He urged students to not give up and seek help whenever they can.