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Conway couple helps homeless families through chiropractic care | News

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Conway couple helps homeless families through chiropractic care

CONWAY, Ark. (KTHV) - Inside of the Bethlehem House, you'll find people from all walks of life. It is a safe place for homeless individuals and families to seek refuge. Thanks to the help of a special couple, these people get to feel like they are worth a million bucks one day a week.

"When we heard about the Bethlehem House, we thought that was a great opportunity." Dr. Brian Beard explained.

Beard and his wife, Merissa, are both chiropractors in the city of Conway. The couple was looking for a way to give back to the community when they decided to dedicate one day a week to providing chiropractic services to homeless families, free of charge.

"Not everyone is going to get in our doors. We've got to get out there beyond these four walls." Dr. Merissa Beard stated.

Although it took a little convincing for some, once they give it a try, clients at the Bethlehem House seemed to thoroughly enjoy the experience.

"It feels amazing. It relaxes you. I fell asleep on the table, but don't tell nobody." Larrisa Hardy described. Hardy has only been living in the house for a few weeks. With a baby on the way and no place to call home, she admits life has thrown its challenges at her lately. "Yeah. A lot going on."

"Many people come to us in pain," Executive Director Judy Lively added. Unfortunately for most living on the street, emergency care is they only type of treatment they will ever see. "If you think about whether they've lived out on the street, or in a tent, or been sleeping in their car, then obviously there are some adjustment issues."

Treating an array of ailments each week, these doctors have one goal in mind—changing the way people view and manage their health.

"We're not here just for the people who can afford it. We want to be able to give health to everybody, and I think that's the most important gift that you could give to someone," Dr. Beard concluded.