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UCA bans E-cigarettes from campus | News

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UCA bans E-cigarettes from campus

CONWAY, Ark. (KTHV) - The University of Central Arkansas has spoken. Effective immediately, the school's board of trustees has unanimously banned e-cigarettes and vapors from campus.

"I think it's just a, it's a step in the right direction from a health standpoint, not allowing any tobacco products on campus," said UCA Student Government Association President, Adam Price.

In recent years, e-cigarettes have grown in popularity. They're compact, trendy and handy. And some call them a safer, tobacco-free alternative to traditional cigarettes.

"They're very convenient, you don't have to smoke a whole cigarette you can hit 2 or 3 puffs and within 10 seconds it's back in your pocket," said Dr. Randy Pastor, Medical Director for UCA Student Health. "All that's present within the E-cigarette is just the nicotine, the most addictive part of the cigarette."

UCA has now put all nicotine products in the same boat. Last fall, the University created an E-cigarette committee last fall. Dr. Pastor led the charge on it.

"I'll take some time, I imagine a few years of research to decide how much effect it actually has on human health," he said.

In November, he sent a letter to University President Tom Courtway. He cited the uncertainty of the health risks associated with e-cigs and recommended electronic nicotine devices be banned from the school.

Freshman Wezley Uher didn't approve of the university's decision.

"I think it's a waste and it's going to make a lot of people mad cause I know there are a lot of people on campus who use e-cigarettes," Uher said. "And they're going to be really upset that they can't now."

For senior Nicholas Myers, the ban is inconvenient because it affects him and his clients. He sells e-cigarettes.

"Now they're being forced to what, they got to hide it in their rooms or walk farther off campus to go smoke," he said.


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