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Conway theft ring bust leads to high speed chase | News

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Conway theft ring bust leads to high speed chase

CONWAY, Ark. (KTHV) - A routine call on a stolen vehicle led to a high-speed chase, multiple arrests and a theft ring uncovered in Conway over the weekend. Conway Police said they're happy to have the suspects off the street because, in addition to a spree of thefts in the area, they have also put the public at risk numerous times.

Conway Police showed up at 2217 Stout Street shortly before 9:30 a.m. Sunday looking for a stolen vehicle that had been traced by OnStar services. When authorities arrived, a group of people standing outside scattered. One of them jumped into another stolen truck and headed North, leading police on a chase for 30 miles into Van Buren County.

Speeds in the car chase reached over 110 miles per hour. The driver, Marissa Cummings, surrendered to police when the stolen truck ran out of gas. Meanwhile, back in Conway, officers arrested William Hawks and Timothy Headrick as they began to uncover much more than just the stolen vehicle they initially came looking for.

"Two stolen trucks, a stolen utility vehicle, 3 firearms: there were 2 rifles and a semiautomatic pistol," counted Conway Police officer Sean Canady. "Then there was also a laptop and a printer and the license plate that was on the second reportedly-stolen vehicle. They had stolen it off another vehicle similar to that earlier that morning."

Neighbors said they weren't surprised to see the police show up in the area.

"I have kids over here, and the neighbors have kids, and we're afraid to the let the kids be outside because there's so much traffic in and out over here. It doesn't matter what time of day or night," said neighbor Farrah Hervey. "I'm afraid for the kids to be out here because, like I said, we don't know what's going on, and if something goes on like this again, what if these kids are outside? They might get ran over; anything could happen to these kids while they're outside playing."

"It's definitely significant," added Canady. "Because we put a stop to, in one call, several items that were stolen. Vehicles, guns, that's a big deal for anybody. We definitely want to get the guns off the street because stolen guns end up getting used for furtherance of criminal activity and we want to put a stop to that, so this is a pretty good stop for Conway P.D."

William Hawks was also wanted for leading police on another high speed chase in Conway less than two weeks ago on July 25.

THV 11 spoke with the man who said he lives at the address where police found all the stolen property. He said he does not know any of the people that were arrested Sunday.

Conway Police are continuing to investigate the theft ring and said more arrests could be coming in the future. Most of the stolen property had been taken within the 24 hours leading up to the car chase, and almost all of the recovered property has already been returned to the listed owners.


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