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Pope County woman scammed out of $16k | News

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Pope County woman scammed out of $16k

POPE COUNTY, Ark. (KTHV) - A Pope County woman thought she won a new car and a lump sum of money from Publishers Clearing House and sent the company $16,000 only to find out later she was scammed.

She received some information in the mail, stating that she had received, a notification that she had won a large sum of money and a new car," says Pope County Sheriff, Aaron DuVall.

The scammer also called the winner, a 73-year-old in Pope County, and asked her to send in $16-thousand to retrieve winnings.

"She did send some money to these people and naturally she hasn't received a large sum of money or a new car," says Sheriff DuVall.

After sending in the money the scammer told the woman to shred all the documents she received in the mail.

"You just don't need to be sending money to someone you don't know," says DuVall.

According to the Publishers Clearinghouse website no purchase or fee is necessary to win their contest. Sheriff DuVall says many times the elderly are targeted in sweepstakes scams.

"If you receive something in the mail like this wanting you to send money to receive something don't do it, contact law enforcement, contact a relative someone that you trust and get the information to us," says DuVall.

Sheriff DuVall says it is very difficult to track down these scammers because many times they are based in foreign countries.


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