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A Place to Call Home: Matthew | News

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A Place to Call Home: Matthew

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) -- We are partnered with the Arkansas Department of Human Services, featuring some of those children who are up for adoption.

This month, we take a fishing trip with a young man who is desperate for a place to call home.

Young Matthew was hooked from the start.

"He was so excited," says Erica Byrd, his DHS adoption specialist. "I told him we were going fishing. Every piece of water we passed, he asked 'is that where we're going?'"

No fish tale here, Matthew was gifted with a shiny new rod and reel and one-on-one fishing with the Arkansas Game & Fish Commission's Steve "Wildman" Wilson.

"Do you like to be called Matthew or Matt?" "Wildman" asked. "Matt."

THV's Dawn Scott sat with Matthew as he cast his line again and again, hoping to reel in a trophy.

"So Matthew, how old are you?" Dawn asked.

"Ten," says Matthew

"What grade will you be in?" she asks.

"Fourth grade."

"He's very friendly, loves hugs, loves affection," describes Byrd. "He's funny and he's very inquisitive, always wants to know why. Why this? Why that? How does this work?"

He also wants to know why he's been in foster care nearly four years now. His younger brother has already been adopted, but that family did not adopt Matthew.

"He needs a home that's very structured, very consistent, and he needs a two-parent household," says Byrd. "He has some special needs that require a lot of structure. If he doesn't have that, he doesn't really understand a lot of consequences for actions."

He does, however, understand the calm of an afternoon fishing the pond and the hope that his life will soon change.

"Do you like being in a foster home?" asks Dawn.

"Uh huh, and I'm gonna move. I'm gonna move somewhere else," says Matthew. 

"He needs a family," says Byrd. "His family."

A family who will see that he is the good catch in this story and won't let him be the one who got away.

"He needs that, he needs that attention," Byrd says. "And he's gonna remember this forever. I don't ever think he's gonna forget this."

Special thanks to "Wildman" and the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission for taking us out and for gifting Matthew with a new rod and reel.

If you'd like more information on Matthew or any of the children in state up for adoption, click on the Arkansas Department of Human Services adoption website.

There are no costs associated with adopting state foster children.


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