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Yard, rummage, and garage sale listings for central Arkansas

Yard, rummage, and garage sale listings for central Arkansas

The following is a list of yard sale locations in the central Arkansas area:


All yard sales have passed.


Having a yard/rummage/garage sale? We want to help!

Send the following to information to mytown@thv11.com, and we’ll post it for free! ***We will need at least two days notice on all posts!

  • Date
  • Time
  • Location
  • Items you’ll be selling

Once sale information starts coming in, we’ll share the details with your community on THV11 in My Town, and keep the pages running until yard sale season is over.

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Arkansas ranked 38th on Yahoo’s beer list

Arkansas ranked 38th on Yahoo’s beer list

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) – Have you ever wondered which states have the best offerings of craft beer? Look no further because Yahoo.com has created a list telling you just where you can look.

Arkansas ranks 38th on the list with 50th being worst and first being the best.

Hospital reports increase in snake bites

Hospital reports increase in snake bites

LITTLE ROCK, Ark.(KTHV)- Doctors and nurses at Arkansas Children's Hospital are reporting a 50 percent increase in snake bites this summer.

Children's Hospital typically sees 20 to 25 snake bites a year, but already this year they've treated 30 cases. Donna Parnell-Beasley is the trauma coordinator at Arkansas Children's Hospital, and she says they're not really sure about the uptick, but wants parents to be aware.

"Children may have been outside playing more than when it's really, really hot."

Parnell-Beasley says 2014 is shaping up to be the summer of snakes

"The majority of the injuries we've seen this summer have been on feet where children step down next to a snake and a snake bites them."

International Students Visit Conway Homeless Shelter

International Students Visit Conway Homeless Shelter

Bethlehem House recently enjoyed having Hendrix International Program students at the shelter for a tour. The young adults from Rwanda and The People’s Republic of China, accompanied by program sponsor Claudia Courtway, were given a tour of the facility, spent time bagging rice and then shared their culture.  The cultural presentations, songs and dance entertained the staff and residents, most of whom have never traveled outside the United States.  Shay, a resident of the shelter, said, “I really enjoyed the program. It was very interesting and I’m glad I was a part of it.”  Another resident, Krystal, stated, “I was surprised to find how different the cultures of Rwanda and China are from ours and how happy the international students are to be here in the U.S.”

Historic gown collection to undergo conservation process; may be removed from public exhibit

Historic gown collection to undergo conservation process; may be removed from public exhibit

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (OSHM) - The Old State House Museum’s First Ladies’ Gown collection, which contains over 120 years of inaugural gowns worn by Arkansas’s First Ladies, will temporarily close to the public on September 8, 2014, so the gowns can be assessed for conservation needs. The last day to see the collection before the assessment is September 7, 2014.

“The Arkansas First Ladies Gowns at the Old State House Museum are, through the years, our most popular artifacts,” said Bill Gatewood, director of the Old State House Museum. ”Our responsibility to preserve the gowns yet make them accessible to the public creates a very challenging situation.  The Museum staff's decision to begin conservation of the gowns exhibit must balance both considerations.”

Sparks fly over Conway Christmas tree

CONWAY, Ark.(KTHV)- The state's largest artificial Christmas tree was supposed to be undergoing repairs this summer, but as city employees discovered, the tree and its maker were both left in the dark.

It sounds like a scene from How The Grinch Stole Christmas, but this story isn't pretend.

Conway resident Melissa Fischer Bland says the recent tree trouble has her upset.

"It's sad because you think about the amount of money that was spent on that and then the company says they're going to fix it and so it's like what's the town going to do now?"

After the holidays, the tree went back to its manufacturer in Springdale to fix a problem with sections of the tree not lighting up.

Mayor Tab Townsell says the city recently discovered that Get Lit is no longer in business.

The mayor was out of town Thursday on business, but released this statement to THV:

Happy Birthday to Mrs. Honey!

Happy Birthday to Mrs. Honey!

THV 11 is wishing a very happy birthday to Sarah “Mrs. Honey” Davenport!

Davenport will turn 100 on August 21 and has had the pleasure of seeing 5 generations of her family.

This birthday announcement was sent in by Davenport’s granddaughter, Kianna Austin.


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